The aim42 practices have been successfully applied by several of our contributors throughout the IT industry since several years.

Due to privacy concerns and binding NDAs (nondisclosure agreements) with our clients, we cannot disclose system details here - therefore our examples have to remain anonymous (unless organizations explicitly give their consent to be named here!)

Just to mention a few:

  • Air Traffic Operations

    • Used ANALYZE practices to prepare for fundamental structural modifications and enhancements
    • Used IMPROVE practices to add significant functionality to existing system parallel to increasing availability and reducing risks
  • Rail Service Provider

    • aim42 practices to address both strategical time-to-market and flexibility issues in >2MLOC heterogeneous system
    • Used ANALYZE practices to identify issues, among others: Structured stakeholder interviews, enhanced ATAM analysis, code and structural analysis
    • Used EVALUATE practices to prioritize issues and to convince top- and middle management of improvement approach
    • Combined organizational and structural change in IMPROVEMENT phases.
    • Reduced time-to-market from 6 month to 4 weeks
  • Hardware Manufacturing

    • Used ANALYZE practices to explicitly identify several issues and risks (formerly suspected and only implicitly known)
    • Used EVALUATE to convince IT-management to strategically overhaul and refactor company-wide software development process
    • Used IMPROVE approach to reduce critical stability and availability risks
  • ERP Software Vendor

    • Used “change-by-split” approach to dramatically reduce time-to-market and customer satisfaction
    • used “change-by-extraction” approach to modularize system
  • Supplier in Automotive Industry

    • Used ANALYZE to verify multi-location development strategy
    • Especially: customized ATAM and stakeholder analysis to reduce feature development costs and increase development velocity
  • Non-Profit Organization (Domain: Automotive)
    • Used ANALYZE and EVALUATE practices to support internal development team to convince management of urgently required process- and structural changes
  • Software Development Organization within Financial Services
    • Used EVALUATE practices to help reorganize development processes
    • Used results from EVALUATE to facilitate communication between various stakeholder groups