aim42 is the systematic approach to improve software systems and architectures.


aim42 was founded in 2013 by Gernot Starke, joined by Stefan Tilkov in 2014. We initially presented our ideas and approach on the OOP conference 2014.

Our goal is a transparent and practical approach to systematic software improvement, relying on proven practices and patterns.

We estimate that a typical developer spends around 75% of her/his professional life maintaining, evolving, fixing or enhancing existing (legacy) systems.

Current Status

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About Gernot

As innoQ-Fellow and software- and architecture practitioner I support organizations of various domains in improving their software.

Apart from optimizing time-to-market, I focus on reducing maintenance- and operational costs, facilitating team collaboration and development efficiency.

I help to effectively and efficiently architect and develop new IT systems and bring them into production.

After graduating in computer science at Aachen University of Technology and a few years of practical experience, I wrote my PhD thesis on software engineering (at J.Kepler University in Linz, Austria, with Prof. Chroust). People call me practical and pragmatic methodologist - with geek genes…

I’ve published a number of technical books, mostly on software architecture, patterns, development processes and software documentation.

In 2005 I (co-)founded and still actively maintain arc42, the free portal for software architecture and documentation, together with its international companion

In 2014 I founded aim42, the „Architecture Improvement Method“ (

I’m founding member of iSAQB, currently in the position of working group lead for the CPSA-Foundation Level. I successfully trained literally thousands of developers in software architecture topics.

Together with my wife Uli and our awesome kids we live in beautiful Cologne.

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